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X-Served-By Header

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  • On 22 Nov | '2014

Apache has the ability to return its Hostname via the X-Served-By header. When troubleshooting nodes behind a Load Balancer, this can help localize a problematic node.

Export the server’s hostname to Apache:

CentOS File: /etc/sysconfig/httpd
Ubuntu File: /etc/apache2/envvars

Add the following to Apache’s environment configuration file:

export HOSTNAME=$(hostname)

Add the X-Served-By header

Add the following to a Virtual Host or any other Apache configuration file:

Header set X-Served-By "%{HOSTNAME}e"

The above lines require that mod_headers is enabled. Make sure that this module is enabled if you encounter any issues

Restart Apache:

service httpd restart
service apache2 restart

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